YSU Faculty of Engineering students Developed an Application for Learning English

In education, technology cannot be separated from learning. The need of more enjoyable learning inspired students of YSU Faculty of Engineering to develop mobile English learning application to practice speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. They are Azis Amirulbahar, Miftah Rizki Hanafi, dan Sidiq Nurcahyo from the Information Technology Education Study Program.

“We chose to develop English learning application to make learning English easier for Indonesians. The application is named ‘Apa Bahasa Inggrisnya’ which means ‘What is the English word for it?’,” Aziz said.

The application is based on Windows Phone platform and dedicated for children. The main character in this application is ABI which guides the users in using the application. Its features include vocabulary which are common in daily life situations. The feature for speaking skill is provided to test user’s ability to pronounce English words in the form of quizzes. To practice writing, users can use features for writing and also translation from English to Indonesian. The application can be downloaded for free in Windows Phone Store. (oiap)