Student Management Skills of FIP YSU

Monday (22/2) Faculty of Education, Yogyakarta State University held a Student Management Skills (LKMM) for a student organization committee (ORMAWA) in FIP UNY. The LKMM FIP UNY 2016 took place at the Abdullah Sigit Hall and attended by approximately 80 officials of ORMAWA FIP UNY.

The event was opened by the Dean of FIP UNY, Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd. In his speech, he revealed the reason for the LKMM, namely to harmonize the Dean of interest between FIP and students. In addition LKMM is one form of FIP responsibility FIP as the maker of the nation's leaders.

The event proceeds with the delivery of content policy direction by the faculty Student Affairs Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd. followed by Dr. Suwarjo, M.Sc. with ORMAWA’s success and academic achievement material. Leadership and organizational material delivered by Hermanto, M.Pd. Other materials are of critical thinking and creativity delivered by Sukinah, M.Pd.

The material on the administration and finance are filled by Dr. Cepi Safruddin AJ, M.Pd and Aryanto Sudarmono, S.Pd. Then the materials on communication were performed by Ridwan Budiyanto. (Ant)