Strategy to Reduce Educated Unemployment

Wed (3/2) In preparing the alumny in the world of jobseeker, Faculty of Education held Job Hunting Workshop for the last semester students or student who already graduated. Approximately 250 students and alumny gather on Sigit Abdullah Hall to attend this workshop. "Nowadays challenges that many schools turned receive non-educational graduate "said Aini Mahabbati, M.Pd one of the student supervisor in the event opening.

4 speakers presented at the event, among others Veny Hidayat, M.Psi to encourage the alumny in finding job, then Rosita EK, M.Si that convey about strategy and skills in the time become job seekers such as CV writing and interview, also Nur Cholimah, M.Pd who works as a lecturer and at the same time has a kindergarten and early childhood that she manage herself. Last there is Yudan Hermawan, M.Pd. Alumni S1 and S2 PLS UNY which has a tourist business in the Pindul area, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul.

"It is important for alumni to know how the working world. Because the jobseeker  world is quite different from the college world, "said Dean of FIP, Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd. Recently the world are liquid. The world of work was not always linear as we thought. As an example, 10 years ago nobody would have thought that a network or a familiar virtual world called the Internet has become the land to earn a fortune. "Online stores are now scattered and provide many advantages. Who would have thought? "He added. (ant)