Open Journal System

Publishing scientific work is an effort to improve the quality and quantity of Indonesian scientist’s publications. In addition to the scientists who worked as a researcher, campus residents are also required to actively conduct research and publish in journals nationally and internationally, especially in accredited journals and indexed in Scopus, DOAJ, and other indexers institutions. Scientists and publishers of periodicals should immediately change the paradigm of thinking of the printed publication to electronic scientific periodicals (e-journal). Because through e-journal dissemination of information and research results can be quickly known to the public, and can also be accessed globally.

Thus, the government through the Higher Education has also made regulatory alignment, with General Director of Higher Education issued Regulation Number 1 of 2014 on Guidelines for Accreditation of Scientific Periodicals replaces the previous regulation, namely Regulation Director General of Higher Education number 49 / DIKTI / Kep / 2011. The Dean have also been instructed that the publication of the journal in the Faculty of Education can be enlivened again, especially the use of an online journal system.

Responding the instruction, on Tuesday (24/5) have been held in the OJS Journal Management Training Session 1 FIP UNY hall with guest speaker Dr Anwar Effendi, M.Sc. OJS is itself a scientific journal management platform online. "This allows managers OJS journal management system for migration from offline to online. OJS allows a scientific article submitted by the author, will be terdekteksi online. Began the process of reviewing, tracking, and so on, until the scientific articles published in a journal, " Anwar speaking. The training was attended by 41 lecturers and employees FIP which is the journal managers in FIP UNY. It is expected with the training, the journal managers in FIP UNY become more aware of the OJS system so that the governance of the journal, which is still based offline-online, began to migrate into online. (Fe / ant)