National Seminar on Creative Teaching (Creating Creative Class Scientific Approach)

Sekolah Alam (Nature School) was established with the desire to change the paradigm that school with high quality is always expensive. The paradigm that there is an impact that quality education is difficult to obtain by the low society. To change this required quality education system and affordable, the school not rely on expensive props, but refers to nature as a source of knowledge said Lendo Novo founder Nature School at the National Seminar on Creative Teaching (Creating Creative Class Scientific Approach).

Furthermore Lendo concerned with the cost of education in Indonesia is getting expensive. "I want to establish a superior school that does not have to be expensive. How to reduce to a minimum the cost of physical and replace it with the outdoors, "it is no wonder if the school consists of levels of play groups, kindergartens, primary and secondary school is really apply learning by using props that are in the natural surroundings.

The seminar was attended by education practitioners and students are a series of Educational Technology Festival. The committee also presenting Winastwan Gora from Titian Foundation and Unik Ambarwati M. Pd lecturer from PGSD FIP UNY. Winastwan explained Chicnologic Concept is learning how to recycle used goods into the scientific stuff. For example stove of tin cans, how to make the compass of a bottle or make a periscope of a used pipe. Surely this sort of thing gives an understanding that the goods are not to be new. It trains children to be more independent and principled Do it Yourself.

Then Unique Ambarwati reveal about Creative Learning that aims for students to solve problems, find examples, try out skills and perform tasks actively and independently with the guidance of teachers. Unique exemplifies the core activities that make students active from an early age, helping learners acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills and how to learn to not forget.