MI Ashidiqy LPIT Al Furqan Visit Education Technology Laboratory

Friday (27/11). Educational Technology Curriculum Lab space filled with the babble of 25 children from grade 1 MI Ashidiqy LPIT Al Furqan. They came to get learning about creating visual effects in the film. The students are introduced to the Green Screen method that commonly used in film effects. Green Screen methods are most widely used because it is easier to apply. Accompanied by six teachers, their arrival was greeted by Secretary of Educational Technology Study Program, Deni Hardianto, M.Pd along with the Laboratory management Agus Riyanto, S.Pd.

According to the chairman of the group, the arrival of the children to know how to make the effect fly in films are usually seen on TV. They also bring their own costumes. The students are also introduced to the campus environment which is totally different from the Elementary School. Guided by the Lab management, Habib Hambali, M.Pd they are very enthusiastic in following a series of shooting processes. At the end of a captured image is shown in the Television. The cheers was re-emerge when the results are displayed. (ant)