Instant Mie Lethek from YSU

Yogyakarta has many distinctive food that became the tourist magnet. From some of the typical food of Yogyakarta, there are unique foods and have a delicious flavor but not yet known by the public, it call mie lethek. Known as mie lethek because these noodles served with a dull due not use bleach, preservatives and is made from cassava.

Therefore YSU students grouped in Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program, Chandra Mardani (PGSD), Desy Nurhidayah (PGSD), Fresti Widyaningrum (Management), Zulfa Azzuhro (Management) and the supervisor Haryani, M.Pd. creating an instant mie lethek as innovation souvenirs which is typical of Yogyakarta. Thus, mie lethek can be consumed anywhere and at any time by brewed using hot water for 3-4 minutes. The product is 100% made from raw cassava so as to reduce dependence on grain consumption.

Making Mie Lethek instant is fairly easy, preceded by mixing tapioca starch and cassava flour with water. Then steamed and then flattened then molded into sheets of noodles. After that, do steaming back and dried. Mie Lethek that have been dried and then packaged into a cup with non MSG seasoning.

This product is safe for diabetics, low fat, high fiber, high in protein, vitamin K, a source of vitamin B complex, lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood and can aid digestion. Marketing is done through websites, social media, as well as direct sales in places of travel so that the product more widely known. (Har)