Hypnotics Counseling Workshop

Hypnotics counseling is the application of hypnosis in the counseling process that utilizes the subconscious mind in a state of alpha and theta to optimize the potential development of the counselee. Some of the potential of individuals who can be optimized its development including the development of self-concept, cognitive, social-emotional development, career development, moral development, spiritual development, personality development, optimal development of the overall potential. Furthermore, Arie Rahmat Riyadi revealed that hypnosis hypnotic applied in counseling is very different from the phenomena of hypnosis that are portrayed on television. In the application, hypnotic counseling combine hypnosis and counseling techniques. Therefore, counseling hypnotics cannot be implemented instantly or lightning, for the purposes of counseling therapy hypnotics should slowly and be patient.

Workshop organized by the Laboratory of Educational Psychology and Guidance (Lab PPB) BK Prodi was attended by about 60 participants from several Counseling college student in Jogja, Teacher Guidance counseling and general students. Presenting also Arie Rahmat Riyadi, M. Pd, UPI Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Department of Pedagogy

In addition to exposure of the material surrounding the hypnotic counseling, participants were guided to do practical steps hypnosis. The stages in hypnosis are Pre Induction, Induction, Depth Level Test, Suggestion, Post Hypnotic, and Normal. While the key to success lies in the hypnotic counseling counselor and counselee. The therapist tries to help, but there must be support comes from the clients.