Handicap Indonesie, France Held Workshop for Children with Special Needs

(12/8) Friday – The Workshop of Children with Special Needs Community Development, Department of Special Education in collaboration with the Foundation HEART - Indonesie Handicap was officially closed by Vice Dean I, Dr. Suwarjo, M.Si. The activities that carried out during for 10 days start from 1-5 and 8 to 12 August 2016. The activities aimed at; 1) Increase the knowledge and skills to students related to the field of Community Development through Learning Activities; 2) Expanding the network with the institutions through the service of children with special needs at the international level; 3) Bridging the gap between the scientific development in universities and associated problems of Community Development at the school.

The Workshop was engaged by competent sources in their field. The workshop is expected to provide knowledge and new knowledge for the participants. Resource persons came from France and a practitioner who is experienced and has a membership certificate. The Speakers are Saskia Vulpian (Speech Therapist), Vanessa Valdelievre (Psychomotor Therapist), Kathy Wislez (Psychomotor Therapist), and Daphne Barbedette. The materials delivered include prior knowledge about communications, phases of child development, the role of both parents in language development and communication of children, Communication disorders in children with special needs, Means of communication alternative or augmentative, and of course activities related practices Psychomotor, tone (muscle), Ortothophonie, Psychomotor with people with special needs, Orthophonie means of communication, as well as clinical cases.

The participants seemed very enthusiastic during the implementation of the workshop. They were so excited in participating in activities for 10 days. The participants are mostly students of Department of Special Education and others from parents who have children with special needs. (Yan)