Department of Psychology Collaborate with 3 Institutions

Tuesday (16/2) Department of Psychology FIP UNY agreed to hold a Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Education with three institutions those are MIN (Islamic Elementary School) Jejeran Bantul, UPT Panti Karya Social Service and SMP IT (Islamic Junior High School) Masjid Syuhada. These three institutions have agreed to develop the access of institutional cooperation between the two sides as an alternative network of support for the program to improve the quality and professionalism of teachers. It is also seeking empowerment of Human Resources both sides in an effort to accelerate the development of institutional says Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd.

He added that this MoU should be best utilized by both parties. Implementation of the MoU should be implemented such as the cooperation of both parties. Nursing Unit of the Department of Work pointed out that the city of Yogyakarta has a lot of social problems, especially from sprawl and street children. Of course, psychologically guidance would be helpful.

The MIN Jejeran party also revealed that there are still many students who have trouble following the teaching and learning activities. They expecting help from the Department of Psychology in the preparation of curriculum and psychological test prospective new learners. It is also shared by the SMP IT Masjid Syuhada.

The event was attended by the Dean of FIP UNY Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd., Kajur Psychology, Dr. Rita Eka Izzaty, M.Sc. and Sekjur PGSD Dr. Farida S. Agus M.Sc. I WD, WD WD II and III FIP UNY. Also present were two representatives from Social Services, 3 teacher from the MIN and 3 teachers from SMP IT Masjid Syuhada as a witness. (Ant)