Cooperation Between Faculty of Education YSU- Hong Kong Institute of Education

The cooperation between institutions around the world became an important agenda in line with expectations of the accomplishment of the Yogyakarta State University to become a World Class University. One requirement for the Faculty of Education at this time is to increase the professionalism of teachers in the context of the formation of qualified teachers not only mastered the learning material but also has expertise in ICT and English. In this globalization era, a teacher must be able to become a global teacher to compete internationally.

This was deemed necessary given the rapid development of science and technology that is expected to give the teacher's role as a world citizen who has the task of globalizing knowledge and attitudes as well as the students' awareness of the world. The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HIE) is one of the world institutions that have been instrumental in creating the initial teacher training which is based on improving the quality of teacher candidates who are able to master ICT and English.

On Thursday, December 3, 2015, Faculty of Education YSU delegates who represented by the Dean Dr. Haryanto, Dr. Suwarjo, M.Si as Vice Dean, Dr. Sugito, and Safitri Yosita Ratri, M.Ed met with the staff at the Faculty of Education and Human Development, Hong Kong Institute of Education. This visit was received by Prof. May May Hung Cheng as Associate Vice President (Academic Affairs), Dr. Sylvia Yee Fan Tang as the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), and Ophelia Leung as Senior Assistant Registrar.

In this meeting each party exposes the university faculty profiles and teacher education systems and benchmarking systems in HIE, which is followed by a discussion draft of activities to be done in the nearest future eg international seminars, guest lecturing, and joint research on teacher education programs. This is consistent with the primary purpose of pioneering and benchmarking of professional teacher development globally. (Yoss / ant)