2016 Parenting Seminar

Saturday (3/12) Laboratory of Educational Psychology and Guidance, Faculty of Education Yogyakarta State University held a parenting seminar at the Abdullah Sigit Hall FIP UNY. The theme is "Hypnotherapy for Children", the seminar was attended by more than 100 academics, teachers and parents from different regions of Yogyakarta.

As a speaker, Ms. Ana Banta Rachmah, Cht, CT (Hypnotherapist alumni of Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology) discusses the importance of the role of parents in children's growth both physically and psychologically. She convey very important subject to known and understood by the parents and even the prospective parents. His discussion of the material from, among others, how to understand the working of the children's mind, various types of effective parenting that can be applied to the baby, love tank theory, the five languages of love, instilling positive programs in children and how to communicate with parents and children.

Some of them is very important to understand by the parents so that their children are not only good in the intellectual, but also good in the emotional, spiritual and personality. Ms. Ana also reminded that children will easily learn when given concrete examples, not just mere talk. (Tri)