Vision and Mission

Faculty of Education at a Glance

Faculty of Education of Yogyakarta State University was established on August 14, 1950. This Faculty upholds these vision and missions:


by 2025, Faculty of Education envisions to be an internationally acclaimed faculty for the centre of enlightenment and modernization based on conscience, independence, intellectuality and nationalism.


Faculty of Education YSU carries out the missions as follows

  1. To develop and implement the XXI century national education paradigm of Faculty of Education
  2. To conduct academic and professional education based on research, in the field of early childhood education, elementary education, non-formal and informal education, special education, counseling and guidance, education technology, education policy, and other educational fields.
  3. To conduct education research also to develop concept and improve educational practice. In addition to disseminates and publish it on a local, national, and international scope
  4. To implement community services based on research.
  5. To facilitate student activities and to realize academic atmosphere in order to implement the academic and professional education.
  6. To strengthen faculty institutional capacities and performances in order to carry out the Tridarma (Education, Research and Community Services) institutional missions, in an integrated manner.