Faculty of Education, University of Yogyakarta (FIP UNY) was originally a part of the Pedagogic Faculty of Literature , Pedagogy , and Philosophy of the University of Gajah Mada (FSPF UGM) in Yogyakarta . Gajah Mada University ( State Universitit Gadjah Mada ) itself established (confirmed establishment) on December 19, 1949 by Government Regulation No. 23 of 1949 , the Provisional Regulations on Merging Colleges a Universitit.

When is "Part Pedagogic" it into a part of the Faculty of Literature, Pedagogy and Philosophy of UGM, unknown exact date and support its legality. Legally, the existence of this Pedagogic section confirmed by Government Regulation No.37 of 1950 dated August 14, 1950.

Gatutkaca analogous to that at birth named Jabang Tetuka, the Senate Faculty of Education concluded to establish "birthday" Faculty of Education UNY ("Gatutkaca") since its birth as a "Jabang Tetuka" (Part Pedagogic), not since named "Gatutkaca" (Faculty of Education or Fakultit Pedagogic UGM). So, confirmed that dated August 14, 1950 (de jure existence Part Pedagogic Faculty SPF UGM) that is the birthday of the Faculty of Education UNY. This understanding was confirmed by the FIP UNY Dean's decision letter dated December 23, 2010.

Understanding is based on data that is searched by finding committee History Data UNY Birth of the Faculty of Education, chaired by Drs. Dwi Siswoyo, Hum. with members Drs. Sutiman, MPd. And Drs. Waluyo Adi , MPd. the responsibilities of Drs. Tatang M. Amirin, M.Sc.

In the Annual Report of Foreign Universitit Gadjah Mada 1951/1952, page 17, states that the opening lecture Fakultit Literature, Pedagogy and Philosophy of UGM was recently conducted on 23 January 1951. Due to the various circumstances the country at the time, not necessarily the course run even in Part Pedagogic Faculty of juridical and SPF UGM already standing .

In the report also stated that starting from March 1, 1952 to the SPF UGM Faculty of Education Sport Academy also be integrated into a section called "Lessons baccalaureate Sport education."

Furthermore, based on the Decision of the Minister of Education and Culture , dated May 28, 1953, the Faculty of UGM get additional SPF Education Center and Designer Education and Teaching .

In the Annual Report of Foreign Universitit Gadjah Mada 1953/1954, page 9, September 19, 1954, stated that the Faculty of SPF is divided into departments: East Literature, Western Literature, History, Earth Sciences, Sport Education, and Pedagogy.

Starting September 15, 1955, by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 53 759/ District: Regulation of complete composition of Gadjah Mada University, published in the Annual Report of the President of the University of Gadjah Mada academic year 1954/1955, it was mentioned that the Faculty SPF dipecahkembangkan into three faculties, namely (1) Faculty of Literature, (2) Faculty of Philosophy, and (3) Faculty of Education (in another text called the Faculty of Pedagogy).

Thus, the development of the Faculty of Education of Part UNY now Pedagogic Faculty UGM SPF commencing September 15, 1955.

As of September 19, 1955, by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, dated 16 September 1955 No. 33 895/CIII was appointed the chairman of the faculty at UGM. So, on 19 September that had been celebrated as birth day of Faculty of Education UNY correct it is the determination of the appointment of the dean (head of faculty) at UGM. This decree was read Rector Prof. Dr Sardjito the UGM Senate Open Meeting September 19th of 1955.

Based on this determination is known that the Chairman of the Faculty of Pedagogy (written Faculty of Pedagogy, not the Faculty of Education ) is a Prof. Drs . A. Sigit.

Furthermore, by Decision P.J.M. President No. 1/1963 and Instruction J.M. Minister for Universities and Science (PTIP) and Minister of Education and Culture Pengadjaran (KDP) No. 32 and 34 in 1964 FIP UGM , FKIP UGM and the Institute of Teacher Education (IPG) Surakarta incorporated into the Institute of Teacher Training and Education (Teachers' Training College) Jogjakarta. Department Psychology of FIP UGM secede and become a separate faculty at UGM. Jogjakarta Teachers' Training College was inaugurated by J.M. Minister for Universities and Science on May 21, 1964.