2016 Parenting Seminar
Post date: Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016

Saturday (3/12) Laboratory of Educational Psychology and Guidance, Faculty of Education Yogyakarta State University held a parenting seminar at the Abdullah Sigit Hall FIP UNY. The theme is "Hypnotherapy for Children", the seminar was attended by more than 100 academics, teachers and parents from different regions of Yogyakarta.

As a speaker, Ms. Ana Banta Rachmah, Cht, CT (Hypnotherapist alumni of Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology) discusses the importance of the role of parents in children's growth both physically and psychologically. She convey very important subject to...

Handicap Indonesie, France Held Workshop for Children with Special Needs
Post date: Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

(12/8) Friday – The Workshop of Children with Special Needs Community Development, Department of Special Education in collaboration with the Foundation HEART - Indonesie Handicap was officially closed by Vice Dean I, Dr. Suwarjo, M.Si. The activities that carried out during for 10 days start from 1-5 and 8 to 12 August 2016. The activities aimed at; 1) Increase the knowledge and skills to students related to the field of Community Development through Learning Activities; 2) Expanding the network with the institutions through the service of children with special needs at the international...

Instant Mie Lethek from YSU
Post date: Friday, 15 Jul 2016

Yogyakarta has many distinctive food that became the tourist magnet. From some of the typical food of Yogyakarta, there are unique foods and have a delicious flavor but not yet known by the public, it call mie lethek. Known as mie lethek because these noodles served with a dull due not use bleach, preservatives and is made from cassava.

Therefore YSU students grouped in Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program, Chandra Mardani (PGSD), Desy Nurhidayah (PGSD), Fresti Widyaningrum (Management), Zulfa Azzuhro (Management) and the supervisor Haryani, M.Pd. creating an instant mie...

Open Journal System
Post date: Friday, 27 May 2016

Publishing scientific work is an effort to improve the quality and quantity of Indonesian scientist’s publications. In addition to the scientists who worked as a researcher, campus residents are also required to actively conduct research and publish in journals nationally and internationally, especially in accredited journals and indexed in Scopus, DOAJ, and other indexers institutions. Scientists and publishers of periodicals should immediately change the paradigm of thinking of the printed publication to electronic scientific periodicals (e-journal). Because through e-journal...

Student Management Skills of FIP YSU
Post date: Thursday, 25 Feb 2016

Monday (22/2) Faculty of Education, Yogyakarta State University held a Student Management Skills (LKMM) for a student organization committee (ORMAWA) in FIP UNY. The LKMM FIP UNY 2016 took place at the Abdullah Sigit Hall and attended by approximately 80 officials of ORMAWA FIP UNY.

The event was opened by the Dean of FIP UNY, Dr. Haryanto, M.Pd. In his speech, he revealed the reason for the LKMM, namely to harmonize the Dean of interest between FIP and students. In addition LKMM is one form of FIP responsibility FIP as the maker of the nation's leaders.

The event proceeds...